About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna. This is my little space on the world wide web to share whatever verbal diarrhea floats around in my head.

The main cast of characters in my life is simple. Ty is my husband. We’ve been married since 2007, but have been together since 1998. We met at summer camp. Ah, summer love. In our time together we’ve managed to contribute three pretty stellar people to the world population. Our daughter, Rudy*, was born in the summer of 2006, our son, Frayb, was born in the spring of 2008, and our youngest daughter, Roger*, was born in the late summer of 2010. They are insane, loud, crazy-making, and make our hearts explode with all the joy. Our loveable, old and neurotic dog named Buckley, or “Buggeh” as we now call him (and every other dog we see or talk about) thanks to our youngest, died in November of 2012. The kids and my husband haven’t stopped informing me that we need a new dog almost ever since.

We live in Ontario, really close to some of the people we love and way too far away from a lot of other people we love. In a previous and less aurally abusive life I worked briefly in PR. Now I don’t and instead spend a lot of time indulging in the fine art omphaloskepsis while trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Life is infinitely good.

*In case you were unsure, these are not the names on their birth certificates, but they do actually respond to these monikers. Don’t ask. We’ve got our fair share of quirk.


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